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Sunday, 14 December 2014

A Levels Ruin Christmas!

So, the Christmas Holidays begin tomorrow and I've been looking forward to them for ages. Nick is coming home so I can spend all holiday with him, I'll have money from Christmas to go shopping and I'll be able to go out a lot and have fun...right? Wrong! School have decided that the week after Christmas is the perfect time to have mocks. Brilliant. This now means I have to spend all of Christmas (a time meant for relaxing and spending time with loved ones) shut in my room revising.

Not only do I have loads of exams to revise for, but my teachers have given me essays to write as well. Even better! The only positive is we have an extra week off, so I'll hopefully be able to do the majority of it before the Christmas and New Year weeks.

Either that, or I spend my entire holiday having fun and fail my exams...they are only mocks after all...

Hopefully, I will be able to have fun and revise enough to do well. 

Do you guys have exams after Christmas? Or have you got lots of fun things planned?

Monday, 1 December 2014


So today is Monday, and what does Monday mean...school. Urgh! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love going to school and learning, especially now that I'm doing subjects I enjoy, but when my alarm goes off my heart just sinks. Nobody wants to drag themselves out of bed in a morning, put on smart clothes and go to school for 7 hours, but to make matters worse, I have to get the bus. Its not a very long journey and one of my friends gets it with me, but this morning, it was absolutely freezing and the bus was late. Okay, maybe it was only late by about 5 minutes, but still when you're outside in the rain shivering every minute counts.

Of course, when I got to school, it was fine. I find the lessons themselves very interesting and lunch is delicious, but its homework that annoys me. I mean, c'mon, when adults finish a day at work its pretty rare that they come home and do more...so why should we? We get lectured about how homework is important because it helps us to remember what we learn in class, but we need a break sometimes right? Yea, sometimes it can be interesting, but when you get essay after essay after essay, it does become rather tedious. So, when we do get a load of essays I find myself procrastinating and doing anything but write it...pretty much what I'm doing now.

I always find myself doing such random things while procrastinating. I mean one time whilst revising for my GCSEs I went to the fridge to get a drink and ended up making toffee. Mum wasn't best pleased to find I'd been baking instead of doing work...not to mention the fact I'd left a huge mess in the kitchen. I do normal things to waste time too, like watch TV and play games on my phone, but most of the time I end up staring at a wall for about half an hour.

I guess, that getting up early, going to school and doing homework will lead to a better future...but to be honest, I still really hate Mondays.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

My Little Life Update | Missing Someone

So today I thought I'd write a little impromptu post. I have been home alone this afternoon, as I left school early due to feeling unwell. Whilst I have been at home, I have spent a lot of time thinking and I have mainly been thinking about Nick.

As I mentioned in my All I Want For Christmas post, he is living in Cornwall and he has been since September 2013. We have been together since we were 14, minus a few shall we say 'rocky patches', and I only see him during school holidays. Now, I don't want to be the girl that goes on and on about her boyfriend, but today I have been really missing him.

I'm sure a lot of people understand what its like to miss someone and most of the time you can just get on with it, even though they are on your mind. But sometimes it just hurts so much. On days when you don't feel great or something has upset you and you just want that one person to make you feel better is when it hits hard.

The memories of that person pop into your head all day and you can't help but wish you could re-live them...just be with that person, hold them even just have them near. And of course, because you can't have them there, you want them even more. I think what is most difficult is that I went to school with Nick for 3 years and then suddenly he was gone. Between June 2013 and June 2014, I saw him 3 times. I was fortunate enough to spend the whole summer with him (though when it came to saying goodbye again, it hurt even more).

I find the best way to deal with it, is not to be sad, but instead think of the memories in a positive light, knowing that you will have more and hopefully even better memories in the future. (Or of course, grab some chocolate, watch movies and have a good cry...that works just as well).

Do any of you guys miss someone? How do you make yourself feel better?

Monday, 17 November 2014

I Have A Problem.

This evening, whilst tidying my cupboard, I decided to tackle my shoe rack. In order to do this, I decided my best course of action was to take all of the shoes out. Now, I haven't done this since I put the shoe rack in 4 years ago and to my delight, but also horror, I discovered just how many shoes I had. 

I have always been a sucker for shoes. I can remember going into shoe shops as a kid, finding the best looking, most expensive pair and begging my mum to buy me them. One pair that I remember the most were a pair of black Converses covered in sequins. Naturally, I always had to put them on before I left the shop. 

My favourite kind of shoes are generally trainers and not just your basic £5 white trainers. Oh no, I like Nikes, DCs and Converses. I have 2 pairs of Nikes, 4 pairs of DCs (though I have given 2 to my Mum) and 4 pairs of converses, as well as many similar shoes from New Look and the like. 
Lately, I have been very into boots and have recently purchased several pairs. I have also ventured into the realms of high heels, though I'm not very stable on them yet. 

My all time favourite pair have to be these brown suede zip up trainers. I bought these in Belgium in August 2013 and have worn them religiously since. They are starting to show this 'love' now and the stitching is coming apart, but they have definitely been worth the money. 

Although I do not regret any of my shoe purchases, as I am in love with every pair now as much as I was the day I bought them, I sometimes feel I may be more well off if I hadn't bought them. This is generally because the majority of shoes I buy are around the £50 mark, if not more. Oh well...at least I have shoes for every outfit!

What about you? Do you have more shoes? Or is there something else you know you have spent way too much on?

Sunday, 9 November 2014

All I Want For Christmas...

I know its only November, but Christmas is approaching fast...(I mean wasn't it Summer only a couple of days ago?)...so I thought I would talk about what I want for Christmas.

Now, after 16 Christmas', as well as birthdays, I was seriously struggling to answer this question. However, after countless hours looking round my favourite shops and their websites, I have managed to find several things I would like for Christmas.

One item on my list is something I have needed for a while. Since I have to walk to the bus to take me to school in the morning and it is getting ever wetter and colder, I decided that I needed a coat that is both waterproof, warm, long and fashionable. I have been looking for one for a long time and until this weekend had been unsuccessful...but, I have finally found one whilst shopping in Harrogate!
(River Island - £115)
I know its expensive, but its just so nice. The faux fur is so soft and it definitely seems as though it will be shower proof, warm and have room for a thicker layer underneath. 

The second item on my list is a tad less expensive, however still on the pricey side. Again, whilst shopping this weekend, I made the mistake of popping into Jack Wills. This is always a fatal error as they have so many clothes I adore that are also out of my price range. I had been looking for a knit jumper winter, but hadn't quite found the right one. As soon as I walked through the door, my eyes were instantly drawn to a gorgeous cream jumper. After trying it on and finding it fit perfectly, it of course made its way onto my Christmas Wishlist. 

(Jack Wills - £59.90)

Though I have recently purchased a new glass bead for my Pandora bracelet, another one caught my eye whilst looking on the website. I am aiming for my bracelet to have a white, pink and blue colour scheme. Since I have both white and pink beads, I thought a blue one was needed.

(Pandora - £35)

Taylor Swift has been one of my favourite artists for a long time now, and I wouldn't be a true fan if I didn't have her latest album...so of course '1989' is on my list.

'1989' ALBUM 
(Taylor Swift - £15)

And finally the top thing on my list...(apologies for mushiness)...is my boyfriend Nick. As he now lives in Cornwall and I only see him at holidays, it means I haven't seen him since August and I miss him a lot. I definitely can't wait to see him when he comes!


Monday, 3 November 2014


This October half term, I had the pleasure of spending two weeks in Mexico with my parents. Naturally, after being back in the grind of school and work for a month and a half, I was thoroughly  looking forward to getting away. Due to the amount of school work I had to do leading up to the holiday, my packing was fairly half hearted and I prayed I hadn't forgotten anything.

The flight was nine hours and being someone who can't sit still for more than ten minutes, I had been dreading it. However, to my surprise, it wasn't as horrific as I had anticipated. With extra leg room, lots of snacks and a personal TV screen with a wide variety of films to watch, the time passed pretty quickly.

Upon arrival at the hotel "The Grand Occidental Xcaret", we were greeted with cocktails in pineapple cups and shown to a large buffet, which definitely put us in a holiday mood.

Over the two weeks we spent a great deal of our time relaxing in the hotel, either in the lobby bar with a cocktail or by the pool and if we weren't doing that, we were stuffing our faces full of food. There were several buffets and five restaurants to chose from: Mexican, Mediterranean, Seafood, Grill and Oriental. My favourites were the Mediterranean and the Oriental, though we didn't get a chance to try the Seafood.

The beach at the end of the hotel complex was also gorgeous, with clear blue seas, colourful fish and perfect white sand. Not to mention it had yet another amazing buffet.

At the beach, there was an entrance to Xcaret park, which was home to many animals ranging from jaguars to dolphins and monkeys to turtles. It also had a fabulous beach, theatres showing Mexican traditions and Mayan style villages.

Some of the highlights in the park were snorkelling with fish, watching the dolphins do tricks and travelling down the natural rivers. And obviously the best thing was the free WiFi, which although wasn't the best connection, meant I could Skype my boyfriend, Nick, back in England and share the beautiful scenery with him.

Though we would have been perfectly content with just staying in the hotel and Xcaret park, we decided to venture out on several occasions. The first was an excursion to Tulum, the first Mayan city to be discovered. Our guide explained who would have lived in which building and how they protected themselves, which I found very interesting. He also spoke about how the Mayan calender worked and that the 21st December 2012 was in fact just meant to be the end of an era as opposed to a prediction of the end of the world. I found this funny, as when we visited seven years ago, the guide mentioned that it was possible that it would be the end.

After looking at the beautiful scenery of this old beach town, we hopped back on the bus and drove to Xel-Ha, an eco-tourist development, which is described as an aquatic theme park. As I have been to many theme parks such as Disney World, I was expecting it to be similar to Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach, which are water parks with large slides and man made pools. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Xel-Ha was not at all like these, but was a beautiful reef to go snorkelling in, with a few man made features on the coast such as restaurants and shops.

We began by cycling to the 'River Entrance', where we were given snorkels and flippers. We set off down this natural river, luckily it had a current pushing you along so it wasn't too much work. We saw many fish of all different colours and sizes and we even saw a mantaray. There were some activities when the river widened out into the sea, such as zip wires and a large rope going across the water and another rope to hold onto above your head. I attempted this and despite it killing my arms and having a stupid man wobbling the rope, I succeeded. We spent the rest of the day sunbathing and watching the dolphins play, before heading back to the hotel. Overall it was a very enjoyable day and an experience I would recommend.

Our second day out was to Playa Del Carmen. Now for me, anywhere I go, a shopping trip is a must. Shopping is one of my favourite activities and I was hoping to find some nice clothes that aren't in shops in England. Luckily, my wishes were answered and I made some excellent purchases. These included an American Eagle top in the sale, a grey shirt and gorgeous jeans from Stradivarius (a brand we definitely don't have at home) and a t-shirt for Nick in Berska. My Dad also got a Fossil watch as it was his birthday while we were away and Mum got a Guess handbag as well as a gorgeous Guess purse for me! I was a very happy, though slightly poorer, girl.

As we were there until the beginning of November, I was slightly gutted about missing Halloween celebrations. However, my woes soon disappeared as I realised we would be in Mexico for their Dia de los Muertos celebrations, which I knew were a big thing in the Mexican culture. Xcaret Park did not disappoint on this front and there was a big festival. There were displays, shows, face painting, stalls and food all round the park and the party atmosphere was amazing. One thing I particularly liked was that their main icon for the Day of the Dead was Catrina, which is how my name (Catriona) is pronounced. Mum bought one of the Catrina statues, a very elegant skeleton lady in a beautiful dress. Being there for these celebrations made the holiday even more special and gave us an excellent taste of the local culture.

The final highlight of the holiday, was on the very last day. We travelled home on the 1st November, and being my Dad's birthday, we thought we ought to do something special. We decided to go on the Adrenalina boat, which involved going on a boat at high speed across the water, doing twists and turns and being fully immersed in the water. It was very thrilling and definitely gave me an adrenaline rush!

Overall the holiday was fantastic. The hotel was amazing, the food was delicious, the service was excellent, everyone was very friendly and the whole experience was so much fun. I would definitely recommend a holiday there.

- Catri