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Monday, 17 November 2014

I Have A Problem.

This evening, whilst tidying my cupboard, I decided to tackle my shoe rack. In order to do this, I decided my best course of action was to take all of the shoes out. Now, I haven't done this since I put the shoe rack in 4 years ago and to my delight, but also horror, I discovered just how many shoes I had. 

I have always been a sucker for shoes. I can remember going into shoe shops as a kid, finding the best looking, most expensive pair and begging my mum to buy me them. One pair that I remember the most were a pair of black Converses covered in sequins. Naturally, I always had to put them on before I left the shop. 

My favourite kind of shoes are generally trainers and not just your basic £5 white trainers. Oh no, I like Nikes, DCs and Converses. I have 2 pairs of Nikes, 4 pairs of DCs (though I have given 2 to my Mum) and 4 pairs of converses, as well as many similar shoes from New Look and the like. 
Lately, I have been very into boots and have recently purchased several pairs. I have also ventured into the realms of high heels, though I'm not very stable on them yet. 

My all time favourite pair have to be these brown suede zip up trainers. I bought these in Belgium in August 2013 and have worn them religiously since. They are starting to show this 'love' now and the stitching is coming apart, but they have definitely been worth the money. 

Although I do not regret any of my shoe purchases, as I am in love with every pair now as much as I was the day I bought them, I sometimes feel I may be more well off if I hadn't bought them. This is generally because the majority of shoes I buy are around the £50 mark, if not more. Oh well...at least I have shoes for every outfit!

What about you? Do you have more shoes? Or is there something else you know you have spent way too much on?

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