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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

My Little Life Update | Missing Someone

So today I thought I'd write a little impromptu post. I have been home alone this afternoon, as I left school early due to feeling unwell. Whilst I have been at home, I have spent a lot of time thinking and I have mainly been thinking about Nick.

As I mentioned in my All I Want For Christmas post, he is living in Cornwall and he has been since September 2013. We have been together since we were 14, minus a few shall we say 'rocky patches', and I only see him during school holidays. Now, I don't want to be the girl that goes on and on about her boyfriend, but today I have been really missing him.

I'm sure a lot of people understand what its like to miss someone and most of the time you can just get on with it, even though they are on your mind. But sometimes it just hurts so much. On days when you don't feel great or something has upset you and you just want that one person to make you feel better is when it hits hard.

The memories of that person pop into your head all day and you can't help but wish you could re-live them...just be with that person, hold them even just have them near. And of course, because you can't have them there, you want them even more. I think what is most difficult is that I went to school with Nick for 3 years and then suddenly he was gone. Between June 2013 and June 2014, I saw him 3 times. I was fortunate enough to spend the whole summer with him (though when it came to saying goodbye again, it hurt even more).

I find the best way to deal with it, is not to be sad, but instead think of the memories in a positive light, knowing that you will have more and hopefully even better memories in the future. (Or of course, grab some chocolate, watch movies and have a good cry...that works just as well).

Do any of you guys miss someone? How do you make yourself feel better?

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