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Sunday, 14 December 2014

A Levels Ruin Christmas!

So, the Christmas Holidays begin tomorrow and I've been looking forward to them for ages. Nick is coming home so I can spend all holiday with him, I'll have money from Christmas to go shopping and I'll be able to go out a lot and have fun...right? Wrong! School have decided that the week after Christmas is the perfect time to have mocks. Brilliant. This now means I have to spend all of Christmas (a time meant for relaxing and spending time with loved ones) shut in my room revising.

Not only do I have loads of exams to revise for, but my teachers have given me essays to write as well. Even better! The only positive is we have an extra week off, so I'll hopefully be able to do the majority of it before the Christmas and New Year weeks.

Either that, or I spend my entire holiday having fun and fail my exams...they are only mocks after all...

Hopefully, I will be able to have fun and revise enough to do well. 

Do you guys have exams after Christmas? Or have you got lots of fun things planned?

Monday, 1 December 2014


So today is Monday, and what does Monday mean...school. Urgh! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love going to school and learning, especially now that I'm doing subjects I enjoy, but when my alarm goes off my heart just sinks. Nobody wants to drag themselves out of bed in a morning, put on smart clothes and go to school for 7 hours, but to make matters worse, I have to get the bus. Its not a very long journey and one of my friends gets it with me, but this morning, it was absolutely freezing and the bus was late. Okay, maybe it was only late by about 5 minutes, but still when you're outside in the rain shivering every minute counts.

Of course, when I got to school, it was fine. I find the lessons themselves very interesting and lunch is delicious, but its homework that annoys me. I mean, c'mon, when adults finish a day at work its pretty rare that they come home and do more...so why should we? We get lectured about how homework is important because it helps us to remember what we learn in class, but we need a break sometimes right? Yea, sometimes it can be interesting, but when you get essay after essay after essay, it does become rather tedious. So, when we do get a load of essays I find myself procrastinating and doing anything but write it...pretty much what I'm doing now.

I always find myself doing such random things while procrastinating. I mean one time whilst revising for my GCSEs I went to the fridge to get a drink and ended up making toffee. Mum wasn't best pleased to find I'd been baking instead of doing work...not to mention the fact I'd left a huge mess in the kitchen. I do normal things to waste time too, like watch TV and play games on my phone, but most of the time I end up staring at a wall for about half an hour.

I guess, that getting up early, going to school and doing homework will lead to a better future...but to be honest, I still really hate Mondays.