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Sunday, 14 December 2014

A Levels Ruin Christmas!

So, the Christmas Holidays begin tomorrow and I've been looking forward to them for ages. Nick is coming home so I can spend all holiday with him, I'll have money from Christmas to go shopping and I'll be able to go out a lot and have fun...right? Wrong! School have decided that the week after Christmas is the perfect time to have mocks. Brilliant. This now means I have to spend all of Christmas (a time meant for relaxing and spending time with loved ones) shut in my room revising.

Not only do I have loads of exams to revise for, but my teachers have given me essays to write as well. Even better! The only positive is we have an extra week off, so I'll hopefully be able to do the majority of it before the Christmas and New Year weeks.

Either that, or I spend my entire holiday having fun and fail my exams...they are only mocks after all...

Hopefully, I will be able to have fun and revise enough to do well. 

Do you guys have exams after Christmas? Or have you got lots of fun things planned?

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